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Silver Needles

Silver Needles


  • Traditionally safekept in Fuding, the White Tips have recently thrived in their adopted home of Guangxi. Producing potent harvests of full, robust buds, the large leaf Bai Hao tea trees are delicately picked to create a non-traditional first flush, composed of velvety, plump needles and small, sage green, furry young leaves. The enchanting aromatic fragrance infuses a rose gold essence with delightful, light floral nuances.

  • Premium Single Origin White Tea

  • Spring First Flush

  • Kyusu, Classic teapot in Ceramic or Porcelain.



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White Premium Tea
Cultivar: Fuding Da Bai Hao
Origin: Baise, Guangxi, China
Estate Name: Baise
Tea Maker: Mr Xie
Elevation: 686m

How to prepare

Learn how to make Silver Needles to perfection.
Watch our guided video which provides suggestions & best practice or alternatively, read our detailed step by step.

How to prepare

  • Preheat

    Select your brewing vessel and preheat with hot water. Obtain quality water and fill your kettle, setting it to 90°.


    Weigh 2.6g of Silver Needles, ensuring you add the leaves first, before following with water.

    Pour & Time

    Upon pouring, set your timer to ensure you steep 3:00min.

    After the timing is finished, separate the infused leaf from the tea liquor by removing the infuser or transferring the tea to a second pot through a strainer.


    Your tea should have a strong aroma reflecting it’s flavour. Serve optionally with tray and appropriate teaware.

    Get everything you need

    Get everything you need

    Having the right equipment is the foundation to making a good brew. We've accumulated a collection which will compliment your serve & ensure you experience full flavours.