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About Somage

Connection with nature, particularly towards plants and their origins

dedication since 2007

Somage began on a terrace in Melbourne, where two minds contemplated new methodologies in beverage creation.

This united approach values sourcing genuine ingredients and enhancing their inherent qualities through a blend of innovative techniques and enduring, worldly expertise.

A new Approach

Without the constraints of conforming to a specific category, Somage can be described as a beverage maker that encompasses all aspects of the plant.

With each ingredient sourced directly, it allows for a direct contribution to the land and growers. Then, back in Melbourne, both new and old-world techniques bring balance and complexity to the blends, all while honoring the essence of where the ingredients are from.

Passed through many hands to arrive in yours, they are ready to be transformed once more.

The Whole plant

Sourcing true ingredients and elevating their inherent qualities through a combination of innovative technique and worldly expertise. This encompasses all aspects of plants: Roots, Stems, Leaves, Flowers, Fruits and Seeds.

Flowers: The reproductive part of flowering plants, often used for their aromatic and flavorful properties in foods and beverages.

Expressed in: Tea, Herbal, Spices, Essential Oils

Leaves: The green, flat structures of plants, containing chlorophyll and various nutrients, used for flavoring and garnishing in cooking and beverages.

Expressed in: Tea, Herbal, Spices, Essential Oils

Fruits: The sweet and fleshy product of a tree or other plant that contains seeds and can be eaten as food, often used for their juicy and flavorful characteristics in beverages and cooking.

Expressed in: Tea, Herbal, Spices, Essential Oils

Roots: The underground part of a plant, responsible for anchoring and absorbing nutrients, often used for their distinct flavors and health benefits in foods and beverages.

Expressed in: Tea, Herbal, Spices, Essential Oils

Bark: The protective outer layer of trees, typically dried and used as a spice or flavouring agent in cooking and beverages.

Expressed in: Tea, Herbal, Spices, Essential Oils


& Flavour Creation


Our purpose-built factory is where the precious ingredients are transformed once more. Handled with meticulous care, these raw materials undergo milling, extraction, blending, tank infusion, or distillation, all dependent on each recipe's unique blend or component.

A custom-built milling line for precision, incorporating both pin and hammer mills, offers unparalleled control and efficiency in particle size reduction. By integrating these two types of mills, we can achieve precise and consistent particle sizes across a wide range of materials.

The pin mill excels at fine grinding and de-agglomeration, ideal for creating uniform powders, while the hammer mill is perfect for coarse grinding and breaking down tough materials.

Our techniques in extraction and infusion are designed for optimal total dissolved solids and quality in botanical processing. By combining advanced extraction methods with precision infusion processes, we ensure maximum yield and flavour in our products.

These methods are highly efficient and environmentally friendly, ensuring that our products are pure and free from contaminants.

In our infusion processes, we use precise time and temperature control points to extract the maximum compounds from the botanicals. Whether we're creating herbal teas, aromatic oils, or botanical extracts, our infusion techniques result in products that are rich in flavor and aroma, with the full benefits of the botanicals preserved.

Our blending techniques are a fusion of art and science, where machinery and recipe development play pivotal roles in creating exceptional blends. We employ state-of-the-art blending equipment, ensuring precision and consistency in every batch. This machinery allows us to mix botanicals with accuracy, ensuring each blend is homogeneous and balanced.

Recipe development is at the heart of our blending process. Our team of experts meticulously craft recipes, selecting botanicals based on flavour profiles, aromas, and health benefits. Our team experiment with different combinations and ratios, striving to create blends that are not only delicious but also beneficial for well-being.

Our boutique 300L Steam Distillation system is at the heart of our distillation process, extracting essential oils and hydrosols from locally sourced botanicals. This system is meticulously designed for efficiency and precision, ensuring that we extract the purest and most potent essential oils and hydrosols.

Steam distillation is the preferred method for extracting essential oils and hydrosols, as it preserves the delicate aromas and beneficial properties of the botanicals. Our system uses steam to gently extract these compounds, resulting in oils and hydrosols that are of the highest quality. With our distillation system, we can extract a wide range of essential oils and hydrosols, allowing us to create unique and aromatic products that capture the essence of our local botanicals

Fermentation is a key process in our botanical production, where natural microorganisms transform raw materials into exquisite flavors and beneficial compounds. We utilize controlled fermentation to enhance the flavor, aroma, and nutritional value of our products, creating unique and complex profiles.

Our fermentation process begins with the selection of premium botanicals, ensuring they are of the highest quality. These botanicals are then carefully fermented under controlled conditions, where temperature, humidity, and time are monitored closely to achieve the desired outcome. Through fermentation, we unlock hidden flavors and aromas, creating products that are rich, nuanced, and full of character. Whether we're fermenting teas, herbs, or spices, our fermentation techniques result in products that are not only delicious but also packed with probiotics and other health-promoting compounds.

For drying spices, we utilize a carefully controlled drying process that preserves the natural oils and flavors of the spices. Our drying methods ensure that the spices are dried evenly and thoroughly, resulting in a product that is vibrant in color and rich in flavor.

Aging teas is a meticulous process that requires patience and expertise. We carefully select teas that are suitable for aging and store them in controlled environments with specific humidity and temperature levels. This allows the teas to develop complex flavors and aromas over time, resulting in a tea that is smooth, mellow, and full-bodied.


For hospitality

Since day one

Since the beginning, Somage has taken a hospitality-first approach. Our beverages are designed with the industry professional in mind and are ranged in some of the world's leading restaurants, cafes and boutique hotels.

Alongside your coffee partner, Somage provides a total beverage solution for your establishment, supported by an intuitive end-to-end customer experience team that upholds the highest service standards.

For hospitality

Since day one