9 Spice Vegan Fresh Chai

Chamellia 9 Spice Vegan Fresh Chai is a blend of aromatic spices, organic black tea and agave nectar. The full-bodied authentic chai flavour balances strong spice notes with the sweetness of agave. Best enjoyed with nut or soy milk
Click here to view a video of the preparation.
For best results, begin first by taking a milk jug an adding 10 grams of fresh chai mix for each 100ml of nut or soy milk. Steam with the wand of your espresso machine or in a pot on your stove until you reach the desired temperature. Pour the hot chai through a strainer into your chosen serving vessel, garnish with our chai spice dust and serve.
Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients. Ingredients: Agave nectar, organic black tea, spices. Package Size: 1kg. Product Code: CI9S-VFC-1