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  • South African, Red Bush sourced, these leaves are delicately stemmed from the native plant. Honoured for its curative properties, once distilled it forms a refreshing, aromatic and mildly fruity savour.

  • Sweet, Aromatic, Refreshing

  • Premium Rooibos

  • Organic, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Caffeine Free, Vegan




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Rooibos is only grown in a specific part of South Africa where it has been a popular tisane and ingredient for centuries.

  • Directly translating to 'Red Bush', this ingredient is family to the Fabacease plant, originating in South Africa's fynbos. Offsetting a distinct & widely recognised flavour, Rooibos also contains a high concentration of antioxidants, attributing to improved heart health and allergies.

How to prepare

  • Select your brewing vessel and preheat with hot water. Obtain quality water and fill your kettle, setting it to 95°.

  • Weigh 1.4g of Rooibos, ensuring you add the leaves first, before following with water.

  • Upon pouring, set your timer to ensure you steep 4 mins.

    After the timing is finished, separate the infused leaf from the tea liquor by removing the infuser or transferring the tea to a second pot through a strainer.

  • Your tea should have a strong aroma reflecting it’s flavour. Serve optionally with tray and appropriate teaware.

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