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Gong Ting

Gong Ting


  • Traditionally created and skilfully fermented within Menghai Langhe Tea factory, the names palace ripe Puerh tea speaks eloquently of its maocha coveted status. Tightly combined into a spherical cake, the curled, thin, evenly auburn leaves diffuse into an harmoniously balanced, mildly fruity, sweet bordeaux liquor with a captivating fragrance reminiscent of sun-dried Chinese dates.

  • Menghai Shou Puerh

  • Spring First Flush

  • Yixing or Gaiwan in Glass, Clay or Purion.



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How to prepare

Learn how to make Gong Ting to perfection.
Watch our guided video which provides suggestions & best practice or alternatively, read our detailed step by step.

How to prepare

  • Preheat

    Select your brewing vessel and preheat with hot water. Obtain quality water and fill your kettle, setting it to 94°.


    Weigh 2.6g of Gong Ting, ensuring you add the leaves first, before following with water.

    Pour & Time

    Upon pouring, set your timer to ensure you steep 2 mins.

    After the timing is finished, separate the infused leaf from the tea liquor by removing the infuser or transferring the tea to a second pot through a strainer.


    Your tea should have a strong aroma reflecting it’s flavour. Serve optionally with tray and appropriate teaware.

    Get everything you need

    Get everything you need

    Having the right equipment is the foundation to making a good brew. We've accumulated a collection which will compliment your serve & ensure you experience full flavours.