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Giddapahar Darjeeling

Giddapahar Darjeeling


  • A blend without parallel, this fusion invokes hints of muscatel, floral notes, passionfruit and mangosteen. Sourced from the Giddapahar Tea Estate within the Darjeeling region, the bright aroma is complimented by its smooth candied sweetness.

  • Candied Sweetness, Musk, Passionfruit

  • Premium Single Origin Black Tea

  • April - May

  • Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan



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  • Referred to as ‘Red tea’ in China, a description of the colour of the liquid. In contrast, the English term ‘black tea’ refers to the colour of the oxidized leaves. Black tea is considered to be fully oxidised, although there is still a range of oxidation possible in manufacturing black tea.

    To produce black tea, the tea is rolled and left to rest (typically for a period of 2 - 2.5 hours) in a warm damp environment to promote oxidation. Heat is applied to the tea once the desired level of oxidation has been accomplished.

How to prepare

  • Obtain quality water and fill your kettle, setting it to 89°. Weigh 1.5g of tea, ensuring you add the leaves first, before following with water.

  • Upon pouring, set your timer to ensure you steep 1 ⅚ mins. After the timing is finished, separate the infused leaf from the tea liquor by removing the infuser or transferring the tea to a second pot through a strainer.

  • Your tea should have a strong aroma reflecting it’s flavour. Serve optionally with tray and appropriate teaware.

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