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Zisha Xishi Teapot and Cups Set

Zisha Xishi Teapot and Cups Set


  • Hand-crafted in Yixing, China, from Zisha clay, the Xishi is a traditional teapot with a built-in ceramic strainer.  Used in Chinese pottery since the Song dynasty (960–1279) and extracted around Lake Tai, Yixing clay usually displays burnt orange hues and is typically left unglazed. 

  • Yixing (Zisha) Clay

  • Hand-crafted in Yixing, China, from Zisha clay, the Xishi is a traditional teapot with a built-in ceramic strainer. Used in Chinese pottery since the Song dynasty (960–1279) and extracted around Lake Tai, Yixing clay usually displays burnt orange hues and is typically left unglazed.




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Get everything you need

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