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Fresh Chai

01 Equipment

Stainless Steel Milk Jug
300ml or 600ml
Stove top
Coffee Machine
Spoon / Whisk
Mesh strainer

02 Weigh

Based upon your desired brew size, select a jug and adjust the weight of the fresh chai mix.
We recommend an optimum ratio of 10grams to every 100 ml of milk, typically within +/- 0.25grams.

03 Whisk

Ensure your chosen milk is chilled & fresh before pouring.
Whisk your fresh chai into the cold milk.

04 Heat & Serve

Before heating, please ensure to purge your steam wand.
Heat the milk along with the chai mix using the steam wand to approximately 65°.
The milk should create a whirlpool in the center of the jug. Take care not to introduce too much air by lowering the milk jug, do so only at the start of the process (this creates micro-foam).
Continue to heat the milk with this technique to create a smooth consistency.
Turn off the wand as the milk begins to rise, your milk should not make any high-pitched noises, as this could indicate overheating.

Once finished, pour into a cup or glass to serve. Optionally, garnish with Spice dust and serve.