ZK How To Make


To get the optimum flavour and tactile balance from the infusion of your tea it is important to control the water temperature, the amount of tea and the steep (duration of infusion). All our teas are labelled with the correct brewing methods for that specific tea.
The steep will differ for each tea. This is the point where the full flavour of the tea is released without imparting tannic or bitter flavours into the water.

Here is our guide to the perfect cup:

Tea Quality
A great brew starts with a great tea. Use high-grade tea, whose leaves have shape, size and aroma.

Teaware should offer ample room for expansion of tealeaves and preserve a stable brewing temperature.

Water Quality
Use fresh filtered water, free from chlorine, fluoride or other chemical taints.

Amount of Tea
Get yourself a pair of scales and correctly measure out the amount of tea required. It is crucial to perfecting your tea.

Water Temperature
Use a digitally controlled kettle that is able to deliver hot water to within 1 degree of the desired infusion temperature.

Steep Time
Brew the tea for the specified time. Find yourself a timer and be precise.


For our range of fresh chai, start with a 100ml of milk in a jug and 10g of fresh chai. Steam the milk and chai together until you have reached the desired temperature and consistency. Pour the chai through a strainer into the desired vessel and garnish with our chai spice dust.


We have a simple and easy method of preparing KALI. Start with a jug of 100ml of milk, add 8 grams of KALI Chocolate, and steam until you have reached the desired temperature and consistency. Pour and garnish with the KALI Chocolate Coverture.