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01 Equipment

Matcha spoon
Matcha bowl

02 Weigh

Prepare water to approximately 75° and preheat your bowl with hot water.
With your Bamboo Scoop, (or teaspoon) scoop a heaping amount of matcha into a sifter, or about ½ teaspoon.

Gently move the scoop around the sifter to release the matcha into the bowl.
Evenly cover the matcha powder over bowl.

We suggest 1g per 100ml of water.

03 Whisk & Serve

Pour 50ml of hot water into the bowl and begin whisking vigorously in a W-motion until the matcha is frothy.
Try to use your whole arm not your wrist. Start from the bottom of the bowl and move up to remove bubbles.
Add more water, another 50ml, continuing to whisk in a W-motion. If you desire a more bitter matcha dont add more water.
Slow whisking down at the end to make froth more fluffy - keep bubbles small & then serve.