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Specialty Tea, Chai
& Drinking Chocolate

Certified Organic & Ethically Traded

Our Curated Range

Through our 15 years, Somage has spent its entirety curiously seeking and collecting the world’s most coveted ingredients.

About Somage

Somage is the original tea, chai & chocolate innovators hailing from Melbourne, Australia, since 2007.

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On Sustainability


Certified B Corp

B Corp's lead the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.


ACO Certified

A symbol of trust showing products are grown and produced without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.


USDA Certified

Certification for the United States ensuring organic products meet specific criteria and standards.


EU Organic

European certification ensuring organic products adhere to strict organic farming standards.


Ethically Traded

We collaborate with farmers who care for the people and the environment which supports them.


World of Green Tea

2024 Spring harvest coming soon


Green tea is crafted by firing leaves just after picking to prevent enzymatic breakdown. This minimal yet skillful craftsmanship best accentuates the quality of leaf and growing region.

How To Make Green Tea

Learn how to perfectly infuse delicate green tea leaves at home. Navigate the tea menu for your chosen flavour to find precise temperatures, dosages, and infusion times.