Reserve Selection - Hunan Maojian Green

Renowned for its long running association with the Tang Dynasty, the name Maojian, translated as “hairy tips”, alludes to the appearance of the dark green leaves. Our Organic Maojian tea grows amidst the misty mountains of the Hunan province in China’s south. In a unique biodiverse environment, the tea is dispersed amongst flowers, melons and fruit trees, contributing to its rich pungent fragrances year round. Comprised only of buds, the tea is treasured for its refreshing taste and vibrant aroma, seizing the essence of the environment in which it’s grown.
Amount of Tea: 1.8/100ml. Water Temperature: 79°C . Number of Infusions: 1. Infusion Time: 1: 1mins50s. Consume without milk.
Packaged in Australia from imported ingredients. Ingredients: Green Tea. Package Size: 100gm. Product Code: TERS-GMJ-LL100