Reserve Selection - Assam TRES #8 Black

First cultivated during the Japanese occupation, Assam TRES #8 was introduced to Taiwan in the early 1920s. The Taiwan Research and Extension Station (TRES) identified the Sun Moon Lake region of central Taiwan as providing the perfect conditions for black tea production. The high calibre black tea now produced in this region is a testament to their foresight. When infused, the large, wonderfully curved leaves of our Hong Cha TRES Assam #8 tea produce a deep orange-brown hue with rounded fruity sweetness and superb cherry like aromas.
Amount of Tea: 1.6g/100ml. Water Temperature: 85°C Number of Infusions: 2. Infusion Time: 1: 4min, 2: 4min Consume without milk.
Packaged in Australia from imported ingredients. Ingredients: Black Tea. Package Size: 100gm. Product Code: TERS-BHC-LL100