ZK Our Approach

Somage Fine Food is an accumulation of more than 10 years of expertise and passion, built on our team’s shared life experiences in hospitality, farming, nutrition, travel and exploration and - of course - sourcing the world’s best ingredients.





We recognise the important role that every person plays at each stage in our effort to turn the best quality ingredients into the products we serve to you. The journey begins with finding the right partners at origin, looking for people who grow the highest quality ingredients in harmony with nature. We are thankful to work with masters in tea, wine, cocoa and coffee throughout the world, to enhance the experience we deliver to you.

We take an active role in understanding the production of our raw products. By meeting with industry best producers, we bring new insights and possibilities for innovation and improvement. With this direct contact from farmer to production, we are able to improve worker and environmental conditions.
We utilise natural and organic ingredients as provided by nature, to make products that are unique. Through our quality assurance, we are able to adhere to the strict quality standards we operate by. Education is the final step of our process, and we take great pride in our ability to share our knowledge with the world.