Specialty Foodservice Australia



We recognise the important role that every person plays at each stage in transforming the best quality ingredients from nature into the beautiful drinks served at your favourite café or made in your own kitchen. This journey begins with finding the right partners at origin, seeking people who grow the highest quality ingredients in harmony with nature. We’re fortunate to meet and learn from masters in tea, wine, cocoa and coffee throughout the world, which gives us the opportunity to build our knowledge and share ideas with the farmers we’ve partnered with. We take an active role in improving processes, using the knowledge gained from more than 100 tea, cocoa, spice and panela estate visits to make technical and process improvements. We then take these ingredients to create world-class products; made on the foundation of flavour, not technical convenience. Quality assurance is a process of continual improvement. Finally, we recognise the importance of our foodservice vendors in translating our beautiful products into beverages for enjoyment. We provide educational product and service training to ensure that our products taste as they were intended, and honour the efforts of every person who played a role in making our beautiful products.



Doing the right thing, showing trust, integrity and mutual respect. Being authentic. Recognising the true value and contribution of others. Aligning personal motivations with the harmony of the team.


Seeing a dream manifest into something great. Being part of a winning culture, hitting goals and celebrating success – punching the air. Pursuing excellence. Finishing projects on time and seeing things through to the end, whilst being realistic and flexible in what we achieve.


Being remembered for contributing our unique talents and gifts to the world, whilst having the courage to take action in aligning ourselves with the right people. Taking a long-term perspective and demonstrating our legacy through the way we behave, the way we make others feel, and our values. Being resourceful, considered and strategic.


Pioneering our own path by challenging the norms, seeking better methods, being dynamic, resourceful and innovative. Supporting individual ideas, individual expression, intuition and encouraging others through our best practice.


Taking responsibility for our actions and delivering on our promises. Communicating and reaching agreement if there are changes in meeting deadlines. Helping the team by being approachable, and open to suggestions or queries that are aimed at providing better solutions.