ZK Origin + Direct Trade

Our business philosophy combined with the extensive technical knowledge gained from our travels to more than 150 organic tea, cocoa and herb farms, has equipped us with a unique point of difference. It is our specialist knowledge and success in building iconic brands that allow us to enhance the product and service offering of Australian and United States' most iconic restaurants and cafés.

From the leaf selection to manufacturing techniques and recipe development to education, we love to get involved in every step of the process:

1. Origin Search
We travel extensively to find the world’s best ingredients, grown sustainably and ethically in pristine environments, by farmers whose values reflect our own. We build relationships and take an active role in supporting their growth toward industry best practices.

2. Research Best Practice
We take an active role in understanding the production processes of the raw materials in our products. By meeting with industry best producers in many growing regions and collaborating with experts in complimentary fields, we bring new insights and possibilities for innovation and improvement.

3. Refine and Improve
We facilitate process improvement and the improvement of workers and environmental conditions of the producers that we align with. We are considerate of personal and cultural sensitivitiesand seek partnership with communities who support our producers.

4. Product Creation
We collaborate with expert flavour creationists to create products that bring enjoyment and wellbeing. We use natural and organic ingredients as provided by nature, to make products that are great tasting and practical for use in foodservice environments.

5.Quality Assurance
We strive to ensure Somage products create positive and memorable experiences consistently. We test every batch of every product for adherence to our strict quality standards and have a batch tracking technology to trace the movements of all ingredients used in our products.

6. Trade and Education
We ensure the foodservice operators who buy our ethically sourced products are educated in preparation and service to ensure the enjoyment of our premium ingredients is experienced by the end consumer.