“Tea Education Sessions with Nathan are guaranteed to change the way you think about tea. Throughout a very relaxed and enjoyable evening, you’ll learn about the processes involved from crop to cup and the huge importance that water temperature, brewing time and even love can have on each tea. Nathan’s energy and passion for true quality is infectious and guaranteed to leave you craving more. His knowledge of tea and the industry is remarkable yet this is so much more than text book tea 101. Nathan will also encourage you to open your mind to a whole new appreciation of tea. Will be recommending to everyone I know.”

Emily Stone – Tea Enthusiast

“At Proud Mary it is all about the details for us, knowing our product well is crucial. Somage is a great relationship for us as it is clear we are getting a high quality product with all the knowledge to back it up, we want to make sure we are offering our customers something special and that is exactly what we get from the guys at Somage”

Nolan Hirte – Owner & Founder, Proud Mary Coffee (Voted Best Cafe -  The Age Good Cafe Guide 2012).

“I’m a huge tea enthusiast, coming to this tea training session was fantastic. Nathan is really inspiring and is extremely passionate about everything he conveys. There is so much information given out in 2 hours, you will be wanting to come back for more. You don’t just learn about the types of tea & processes it goes through. I picked up the heart & soul that goes into each cup of tea, from the source it comes from to the making of a lovely pot of tea. Whatever the reason is, if you want to learn about tea, coming to this session is a great start.”

Yee Lin – Tea enthusiast